House Cleansing

 House Cleansing

                                                                Does your Home or workplace
                                                                          Is in need of cleansing.

Over the years a home will build up negative energy. This could be due to arguments, negative thoughts, suicides or any other "bad" occurrences that may have happened on the property. Things may have happened that you're not aware of.

Sometimes a house or office can feel uncomfortable, and there's no real reason you can put your finger on to explain your uneasy feeling. Other times, it's easy: someone has been there that was negative, ill or died. Homes and spaces often take on the energy of the previous occupants as well..

It's always a good idea to cleanse your home ,or place of work, whether it be a place you've lived in for years or somewhere you've just moved into.

Home, office or factory cleansing shifts this energy, for a brighter and clearer outlook, to make things around you work easier. You will notice the difference immediately. Cleansing will also cleanse the people within your home or workplace.

In all cleanses, we burn charcoal and frankincense, to bring out any energies blocking your home/office /factory area.

Cost for home: $150

Cost for office or factories: $150

Please contact Marilou at Eternal Love -0413417844

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