Art has been a predominant feature throughout my life. I have continued to develop my painting skills through the experiences of life.

 My art work depicts my interpretation of the emotions and feelings of the human soul and heart. Most of my work is done spontaneously and intuitively. I respond to impulses and impression as they arise.

 My medium is oil on canvas and pastels. They range from visionary to realistic floral , still life, abstract and landscape. I am driven by an incitable passion to create.

 I have used my art to maintain a perfect balance in life, while instilling it in others as well. Art I believe can address life style issues while fostering wellness.


My beliefs has led me into studying Zenith Omega. Healing techniques that uses colour to help release energy blocks from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. By incorporating this in my art work, I am endeavouring to help the individual in attaining their potential. Which in turn has lead them to a deeper experience of love.

 Angel painting is also an important part of my work. I strongly believe that by having a painting of your Guardian Angel you can enhance your understanding and develop a close connection. My connection with Angels has led me to study Ascension Reiki.

The Angels are the purest energy source bringing the power of God to us as healer and healee. Like in the Golden Age we are once again linked to the Divine through the Angelic Hosts of Light thus ensuring purity of healing and knowledge.

In order to enhance my healing abilities I  became a Medical Intuitive , which has given me the ability to read energy and interpret that energy that the human body generates. This energy contains data about our biography which becomes our biology, which in turns allows us to determine why someone has become ill.

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Marilou Masip

Marilou Masip

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