Ascension Reiki Master Degree

Ascension Reiki Master Degree

The Reiki Masters course is usually taken by people who have chosen to accept a greater responsibility for their life as they strive to become Masters of their own destiny.


You will receive attunements, which change your energy field, taking your physical and spiritual body to a higher vibratory level.

The attunement process makes you and Source co-creators of

healing energy.

The symbols received during this Master workshop are transformational, accessing universal knowledge, which reveal to us deeper levels of understanding and providing a key to the subtle mind.

Reiki brings out the best in us and helps us along the path to enlightenment.

It places you in your own Spiritual Power.


The workshop will include the following:

Re-evaluate First & Second Degree teaching

Sound & Colour Healing

Body disconnection healing

Healing Methods through Angelic Hosts of Light

Self _ Healing—Projection of Energy Field

Distant Healing through Angelic Hosts of Light

Ten further Ascension Symbols

Master Attunement

Angelic Attunement

Please contact Marilou for dates -0413417844


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