Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive


· Six full days of training                                                                                    Workshops for 2019

· One on one sessions                                                                                     Level 1         June 22nd, 23rd

· Completion of 3 case studies                                                                       Level 2         June 29th, 30th

· Assessment – full healing

 Level 1

The Science of Medical Intuition

·         Increase intuitive senses to asses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems.

  • Working with chakras, meridians and meridians to detect illnesses
  • The Morphogenetic Field, how it works.
  • The 12 Mind Power Centres of the body, and how to heal through them.
  • Using Delphini symbols to correct imbalances.
  • Why people don’t heal, and how they can.
  • Healing genetic and past life issues.


 Level 2

Healing The Body        

·         Using Kinesiology for assessing illness

·         Using Iridology for assessing illness

  •  Chakras, acupuncture meridians and auric fields.
  • Assessing nervous system and correction needed
  • The causes and effects of physical and mental reflux
  • Protection needed from lower energies and physical energies.                                                               Workshop
  • The different ways of grounding.
  • Conducting a full healing session to get to the core of problems
  • Meditations to increase intuitions
  • Nutrition to detox and repair the body
  • Let food be the medicine
  • The benefit of fasting


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