Ear Candling


Enhancing Inner harmony for the

 Body Mind and Soul.

An Ancient Therapy To Assist:


·       Relief of symptoms of sinus, migraine and some headaches.

·       Fever

·       Nausea, reduces the pressure of fluids

·       Slow lymphatic circulation.

·       Discharge from the ear

·       Safe removal of excess wax, which assists improved hearing.

·       Helps balance & equilibrium including vertigo

·       Helps eliminate ringing & itching of the ear.

·       Fewer earaches & infections plus ear related headaches.

·       Ringing in the ears, buzzing caused by presence of fluid.

·       Nervous tension, stress, irritability.

·       Hearing difficulties.

·       Relief from dental procedures as it removes toxins from the gums and jaw region.

·       Aids female sufferers of period pains and stomach bloating. Best time is to ear candle while pain and bloating is happening.


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Cost $45.

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