Ancestral Karmic Healing

Ancestral Karmic Healing

" I combine all my modalities in order to determine why you
have an illness and the best way to deal with it."
-Marilou Masip

Ancestral Karmic Healing

Ancestral Karmic Healing is a way of going back in time to the family tree to release unwanted family stories that's preventing the individual from being happy, healthy and wealthy.

Our Ancestors memories live in our DNA and has the ability to influence our everday lives. their patterns of abuse,, betrayal, abandonment, addiction, shame, illness and poverty are passed on from generation to generation.

We inherit the karma of our family members, they each have a lesson to be learnt and healed, so as to break free from them.

The healing deals with any of the unhealthy patterns to many generations before and after us.

By Appointment only

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Cost $120

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